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Welcome to the demonstration of our cutting-edge institute management software, which is intended to improve and expedite the operational, academic, and administrative duties of educational establishments. This all-inclusive solution guarantees efficiency and efficacy in operating your institution, making it perfect for training centers and universities.

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Software Modules

Enquiry Section

This section allow you to maintain records of person who call or come for equiry, you can manage its detail and records datewise.

To ensure that no inquiry is overlooked, all inquiries are collected and stored in a centralized database from a variety of sources, including phone calls, emails, and online forms.

Follow Up

This section allow you to maintain the records of person who are about to come, you can easily check datewise who are about to come.

Personalized follow-up calls, emails, or texts should be sent depending on the unique requirements and preferences of each potential student.

Visitor Section

This section allow you to maintain records of person who visited your institute, you can manage its detail and records datewise.

Facilitate easy visitor registration by utilizing a self-service kiosk or online pre-register, gathering vital data including name, contact information, reason for visit, and picture ID.

Student Section

This allows you to take admission, manage your students records, their fee payments and all the activities related to the students

The program makes it easier for students to enroll in classes, examine the courses that are offered, and easily manage their time tables or schedules.

Staff Section

This allows you to manage all your staff , their attendance, and their salary , you can also view all record related to your staff.

This area is intended to provide our committed employees with the instruments and materials required to effectively carry out their jobs and duties inside the organization.


With the help of this section you can manage all your institue expenses and view records related to expense datewise.

In order to maintain accountability and transparency in financial operations, this part provides administrators and financial monitor and track spending.

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Let's explore how software operates.

STEP 1 Enquiry Management

Enquiry management system is one of the most important and quality features in Smart Classes software.

STEP 2 Follow Up Management

Follow-up emails, on the other hand, are sent to re-engage your non-responsive leads, strengthen the relationship, and move the opportunity toward the end goal.

STEP 3 Visitor Management

A visitor management system is a technology used to track your visitors in a formal way.

STEP 4 Admission Management

An admission management system is a digital solution designed to handle all aspects of the student admission process, from application submission to final enrollment.

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But, why choose
Institute Management Software ?

Simplified Administrative Procedures: Automates repetitive operations, decreasing errors and requiring less human labor, such as managing attendance, collecting fees, and admittance.

Centralized data management: Centralized data management ensures quick access, accurate data, and well-informed decision-making by combining all administrative and academic data into a single platform.

Enhanced Communication: By utilizing integrated messaging systems and collaborative tools, this approach promotes smooth communication between educators, administrators, and students.

Improved Student Engagement: Personalized student portals, interactive classrooms, and online learning platforms are just a few of the tools that improve student engagement and learning results.

Data Security and Compliance: Puts strong security measures in place to safeguard private data and guarantee that data protection laws are followed.

Features that can be customized: Provides flexibility by allowing procedures and settings to be altered to suit the unique requirements and tastes of each institution.

Cost Efficiency: Lowers operating expenses by allocating resources as efficiently as possible and

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How to get demo ? 😍

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  • Start demonstrating till upto 7 days.

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Got Questions

Demo Software FAQ

What is Institute Management Software (IMS)?

The goal of Institute Management Software (IMS) is to improve overall efficiency in educational institutions by streamlining administrative processes, improving communication, and providing a comprehensive platform. (Get in touch for a custom quote!)

Is IMS customizable to suit our institution’s specific needs?

Yes, IMS platforms frequently include customization choices to accommodate various educational institutions' particular needs. Workflows, data fields, and access rights can all be changed in this way.

How easy is it to implement IMS in our institution?

Although implementation procedures differ, they are usually made to be easy to use. To guarantee a seamless adoption by employees and stakeholders, training and assistance are frequently offered.

Can I use one software in all the different app stores?

While it’s possible to use one video across multiple app stores, it’s important to consider the specific guidelines and requirements of each store. Different app stores may have varying video length limits, file format preferences, or other specifications. We recommend adapting the video to meet the guidelines of each app store while maintaining the core message and visual appeal. This ensures that your video meets the specific requirements of each platform, increasing its effectiveness in engaging potential users wherever people can download your app.

How can institute management software benefit my institution?

Automation of repetitive administrative labor, a decrease in paperwork, increased transparency, improved stakeholder communication, and data-driven insights for better decision-making are all made possible by institute management software.

Is institute management software scalable for different sizes of institutions?

Yes, reliable institute management software is made to be flexible enough to meet the demands of both small and major universities. It can adjust to different student demographics and levels of administrative complexity.

What training is available for staff and users of institute management software?

Training courses are frequently provided when new features are launched and during deployment. With the help of these tools, all users should be able to fully utilize the possibilities of the software.