School Management Software

School Management Software providing company in patna

'School Management Software’ is a complete Admission, fees and transport management module for schools with Financial Accounting. Very easy to operate and implement. School Management Software can be operated by a layman. Just configure your fees heads, frequency, routes, classes, concessions and your software is ready to go. CSDT IT Solution has been developed Offline/online School Management software which is based on modules for School Management.

School Management Software will be modular and generalized in nature and will comprise of following components:

1. Student Management Module

Student Registration with detail information, Student Detail, Student Register

2. Admission & Fee Management Module

This Module Is Created Specifically To Speedup & Atomize The Work Of Fee Collection And Receipt Generation With The Aim To Minimize The Human Error Which Occurs Mainly At Receipt Counter.

Some important features like:

1. Admission & Student Registration

2. Fee Collection & Fee Management Related Task.

3. Fee Related MIS Reports

4. User/Counter Wise All Reports

5. Fee Reminder.

6. Concession in Fee & Late Fee Management.

7. Student Promotion/Removal, TC , Character, Income Tax Certificate etc.

3.Transport Management Module

This Module Provides The Facility To Manage School Transportation Records. With The help Of This Module We Can Manage Route Wise / Vehicle Wise / Student Wise All Corresponding Records Like how many Vehicle in particular Route, how many students in particular Vehicle and how many Destination in particular Route and Transportation Fee for particular Destination, Dues Reports etc..

4.Result (Mark sheet) / Examination Management Module (Normal Pattern)

This Module Provides The Facility To Minimize The Laborious And Time Consuming Work Of Marks Entry And Generation Of Marks Sheet. With The Help Of This Module Information Related Marks Of An Examination for A Particular Student, Class, Section Can Be Retrieved On The Click Of A Button. New Records Can Be Added And Old Records Can Be Edited Quickly.

5.Time Table Management Module

his module Is used to create a time table according to a particular class group.

School Management Software has many type of report generation facility like :

=>Student Registration with detail information

=>Fee Receipt, Fee Reminder, Due Fee Details

=>Report Of Student Whose Fees Are Due For The Month I.E. Fee Pending Report (Monthly & Annually)

=> Total Fee Collection Report For A Particular Month And Year

=> Daily Fee Collection Register

=> Fee Report Head Wise

=>> Student Register

=> Account Management without extra effort

=> Misc. fee creation.

=>SMS Alert System enabled software

=>Class Wise Time Table Printing

=>Teacher Wise Time Table Printing

=>Fee Receipt, Fee Reminder, Due Fee Details

=>Report Of Student Whose Fees Are Due For The Month I.E. Fee Pending Report (Monthly & Annually)

=>Total Fee Collection Report For A Particular Month And Year

=>Daily Fee Collection Register

=> Marks List According To Class, Section, And Examination Type

=> Printing Of The Mark Sheet.

=> Report Of Teacher Performance According To Class, Section & Subject.

=> Report Of Student Performance According Subject

=> Topper's List Subject Wise, Topper's List Class Wise, Cross List Printing